Pros & Cons of Pursuing Your Master’s in Non-US Countries

US is the most sought after destination for higher education abroad. It is because of various reasons like

  1. some of the most valued international universities are in the U.S.
  2. one could choose to study from a wide variety of courses
  3. opportunity to be a part of groundbreaking research works
  4. campuses in the U.S. have an engaging and sociable atmosphere
  5. ROI or a guaranteed successful career that comes with a degree from U.S. universities.

However, there are other countries across the globe that offer equally valuable programs for higher education. For example, ETH Zurich – Switzerland, in Europe, is a famous university which is sought after by students who aspire to pursue their Master’s in Engineering and Technology because, it is the world’s 5th best university for students pursuing engineering and technology.

A lot of good universities to choose from leaves aspirants spoilt for choice and elongates the decision-making process.

On Saturday, Galvanize Test Prep, in association with Prodigy Finance, organized a webinar on ‘Pros & Cons of Pursuing Your Master’s in Non-US Countries’. In this webinar, Rishabh Goel, India Head, Prodigy Finance, discussed about

  1. Non-US countries across the globe for higher education
  2. Cost of living in these countries
  3. Scholarship and funding options available
  4. Advantages of choosing a non-US country for higher studies
  5. Problems of choosing a non-US country, and more.

Watch the recording of webinar below, to help you with deciding the right university to aspire for.


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