The Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) is the first section of the GRE. It consists of two essay-writing tasks, each of which you will need to write in 30 minutes or less. The Quant or the Verbal sections begin only after one finishes off the AWA section.

The AWA section is to measure your ability in critical thinking and writing skills. It assesses your ability to articulate ideas and present information with supporting reasoning and examples.

Recently, we conducted a webinar on the “Analyze an Argument” Writing Task in the GRE AWA section. In this webinar we shared the structure of AWA argument tasks as well as how to assess the given argument and understand the prompt, then proceed to identifying the points, organizing and developing them. We helped GRE aspirants who were seeking answers to the following questions:

  1. How to understand the argument in detail
  2. How to understand the basic elements of the argument
  3. How to frame an elaborate essay by giving supporting examples and facts
  4. How to understand and respond to the prompt following the argument

50+ students across the globe attended this webinar and found it to be useful. Students also raised thoughtful questions:

  1. What if I do not know enough information on the topic to support my ideas?
  2. Will having questions in my essay improve its quality?
  3. How long should my essay be?
  4. Which MS programs pay more attention to the AWA score?
  5. Can I be neutral in the argument, neither agreeing or disagreeing?

The presenter, Ram Sharma, Verbal Expert at Galvanize Test Prep, answered all the questions raised by students. If you missed attending this webinar, you can view the recording of the entire session here:


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