What is a good GRE score?

I’ve got a 303 in my GRE, is it a good score?

I’ve scored 338 in my GRE, can I get admitted into MIT?

My GRE score is 292, are there universities in the US that accept this score?

These are examples of questions that GRE test-takers typically have. All these questions boil down to one basic question, ‘What is a good score in the GRE’?

As a note, it should be understood that like most competitive exams, the GRE doesn’t have a definite qualifying score. Instead, the GRE follows a ‘percentile’ scoring pattern. For example, a 165 in the GRE Verbal converts to the 96th percentile and a 170 in the GRE Quant converts to the 97th percentile – which means that 96 or 97 percent of the test takers have scored less than that. The higher your score is, higher is your percentile. This could be confusing to test-takers, hence, the ETS has its own ‘Percentile Conversion Chart’ published. On receiving your GRE score, you could just check the chart for the percentile value to get an idea of how you have fared compared to other test-takers. This helps understand better where you stand, because a mere score of 160 in Verbal doesn’t say much, but understanding that it puts you in the 86th percentile helps realize its value.

The GRE is a qualifying exam to study-abroad, more relevant in US, Canada, Singapore and Asian countries. Some universities in Germany. Europe, Australia consider the the GRE score for admitting student. Given that, what is an ideal GRE score that will ensure an admit?

Well, the answer to the question depends upon your answers to the following questions,

  1. What is your dream university?
  2. What course would you want to pursue?
  3. How do other components if your profile look like, and so on.

In general, a good GRE score is the one that gets you an admit from your dream university with some scholarship, and helps compensate for any other lack in your academic profile. To understand further, we shall split the scores into sub-ranges and take a closer look:

A 320+ in the GRE

A 320+ score in the GRE and a decent profile like an 8-point CGPA, internships & projects or work experience can get you an admit from one of the top 15 universities. If your goal is to get into the Ivy League Universities then your profile should showcase these qualities and a corresponding GRE score.

A 310-320 in the GRE

Similarly, a 310-320 in the GRE is a good score, which, along with a supporting profile, will place you in one of the good universities in the US or Canada. For those of you with this score range, aiming to get into universities ranked between 20 and 50 would not be too ambitious.

A 300-310 in the GRE

With a 300-310 score in the GRE, you have some chances of getting into universities ranked between 50 and 100. However, your profile, which includes your CGPA, projects and internships, would have to be good enough to help you get an admit with funding.

A GRE score of 290-300

If your score falls in this range, do you wonder whether you GRE score is sufficient to get an admit into US universities? Yes! Your chances of getting into good US universities are still open. To compensate for a low GRE score, work meticulously on building a stunning profile which will ensure admits and scholarships.

A GRE score <290

The lowest possible score on the GRE is 260. While there maybe some universities that may want to give you an admit, the value of the degree cannot be vouched for. So, rather than dwelling upon the score and waiting for the university to give you a call, it is better to trust your abilities and experience, learn from your GRE Test-taking experience: take the test again, improve your score and march towards a better future.

To summarize, a good GRE score varies based on your dream university. If you want to study abroad, it is always good to have that dream university in mind and work towards getting into it with focused determination. It is, of course, always advisable to have a few back-up universities and courses in mind to apply to in case your score falls in a lower range, but the score that gets you into your dream university is the ‘best GRE score’.

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