Undergraduate Programs Abroad and Preparing for your SAT: A Nifty Guide

Studying abroad is a lustrous and common dream of many students. Pursuing one’s studies in the foreign universities is alluring for multiple reasons like:

  • Wider Choice of Subjects
  • Global Focus & Worldwide recognition
  • Availability of Cutting Edge Technology
  • Opportunity for niche research & training
  • Worldwide career opportunity

However, it takes a bunch of career-oriented minds to step out of their comfort zones and start the journey towards building their goals, at a young age itself.

Many aspirants are confused about the first step in the journey. Hence, to acquaint the students with the procedures involved in pursuing their undergraduate education abroad, a webinar was organized on Saturday, 25th November 2017, at Galvanize Test Prep.

We had the opportunity to interact with a set of 25 blissful, fresh minds who were eager to learn about the various processes and prospects of studying abroad. Many insightful pieces of information; from the basics of the SAT (or the Scholastic Assessment Test) to the nuances of the admission criteria and cost of study, were imparted in the program. The bubbling enthusiasm shown by the school going students throughout the session is worth mentioning.

Let us take a look at the list of things that a study-abroad aspirant should primarily take care of:

  1. Take SAT and SAT II (If applicable based on the choice of course)
  2. Take TOEFL
  3. Fulfill Admission Criteria of Universities
  4. Select Universities & Courses for study
  5. Plan and avail required funding to manage the costs

As many of us know, SAT is a globally acknowledged standardized test for college admissions. It is important to ace the exam to get the admit you dream of. The numerous aspects of the test were elucidated in the program. Have a glance at the SAT Pattern below:

SAT score split up

SAT Section timing

In the webinar, the preparation pattern for the SAT was also discussed. Some of the important points to remember are:

  • 2 months classes + 2-3 months of preparation time
  • Effort: 10-15 hours a week, including 6 hours of classes
  • Verbal section to be started first and given more importance as it requires more time for preparation than the Quant.
  • Book exam slot before the registration deadlines

After taking the SAT, students have to fulfill the admission criteria which are as follows:

  • Academic Mark sheets
  • Essay / Statement of Purpose (SOPs)
  • Letters of Recommendation (LORs)
  • Co-curricular & Extra-curricular activities
  • Financial Documents

Also, the various courses available and the criteria for short listing universities were also touched upon, in the session. On a different note, a comparison was made between the college life in India and the U.S. The clear demarcation tells us why studying abroad can be rewarding; not only for better career options but also for becoming better human beings.

“Education is the most powerful weapon with which we can change the world”. With this motto from Mandela, Galvanize Test Prep, with our word class counsellors and personalized approach, is looking forward to aiding the aspirants in the SAT preparation, from Jan 2018.

To get a holistic view about the SAT and studying abroad in detail, watch the video below:

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