BALANCE YOUR GRE PREP & JOB ( And Gear Up for the Fall/Spring 2019)

The working professionals, like the college students, form a good percentage of the serious GRE- takers in India. However, unlike the college going aspirants with ample time in hand for the  preparation, a professional might find the road towards the GRE a little rocky. The typical routine of the working professionals include 8 to 9 hours a day at work, at least 1 hour in commute and interestingly, several hours in thinking about the future and career upliftment. Needless to say, they end up on a bean bag sipping coffee after the tiresome day, losing track of their dreams.

Is it easy to juggle between your job and aspirations to study abroad?  Is there still time to pursue your dreams,given the circumstances?

Yes! And our recent webinar will tell you how.

In the session, we reached out to a bunch of working professionals with dreams to study abroad and shared the detailed timelines of the upcoming Fall and Spring admission intake. This insight coupled with the the success stories of various working professionals  from the Galvanize family,  gave them a clear picture of how to face the GRE without quitting their jobs! Rohit Poduri is one such student from the Galvanize family to successfully crack the GRE, while being on his job. Acing the test with an impressive score of 326, he is currently studying in Columbia University,one of the most sought after Ivy League colleges. Efficient  time-management and a well- structured study plan are the key elements that led a lot of working professionals who prepared with us,to realise their study-abroad dreams.

If you are a working professional, you might need more time to brush up the basics and fall again into the academic groove. Also, a flexible online course would suit you the best amidst the tight schedules. At Galvanize both these important factors are carefully dealt with. With years of experience in the GRE field, our dedicated team does not fail to cater to the needs of the aspirants , with special attention to the working professionals. Tailor made study plans, proper guidance and feedback from subject experts, a  strict timeline, and ample practice fueled by expert support make both the online and offline study experience a fruitful one .

You can watch the recording of the webinar below to know more about balancing your work and GRE preparation, the current and upcoming admissions abroad and what Galvanize offers.


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