MS in Management Information Systems – A Yes or No?!

Everyone hates their boss, don’t you agree?

If it makes your day any better, here is something that we would like to say,You can make your ‘Boss’ rely on you!

Yes! You heard that right..But that comes with certain amount of skills and abilities. Becoming a seasoned expert and working as an Information Systems Manager, Computer Systems Analyst, or a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) can give you an edge over others.

Doing a Masters in Management Information Systems (MIS) will help you master the skills required to get into one of the roles above. But, before that, let’s see why it is important to do an MS in Management Information Systems and what advantages doing an MS in MIS in top universities abroad brings to you!

What is a Management information system?

Like every system which takes some input, processes it and gives an output, a Management information system (MIS) refers to the processing of information through computers and other intelligent devices whose output helps organizations to manage and take managerial decisions.

Why is it essential to organizations to excel in MIS?

The importance of the MIS in an organization can be compared to the importance of brain in the body. It is central control of decision making. The human brain picks a lot of information from the surrounding, process it and controls how each and every organ in the body behaves to achieve one particular action. Similarly, MIS allows everybody in the management of an organization to process data and take necessary decisions. Essentially, MIS helps in taking a decision backed by enough information so that any decision that follows is less likely to go wrong!

Benefits of doing an MS in MIS

Attractive pay scale:

Building a career in MIS can yield a median annual salary of $151,600 in 2018. Management information systems is an attractive career for one with technological and managerial skills.

Career Advancement:

Earning a graduate degree in MIS is a equal to taking a step to advance in this career field. Since an information systems manager is the “communication bridge” between business requirements and technology offerings , graduate programs for MIS include business courses as well as courses in technology, computer analysis, and information systems.

By developing managerial skills and understanding the business practices and principles, one will have excellent career opportunities, as companies increasingly look to technology to drive their revenue (Business Goal).

Best Master’s degrees in Management Information Systems in the US

  1. University of Texas at Austin – MBA in Information Management.
  2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Master of Science in Management Studies
  3. University of Minnesota – MBA in Information Management.
  4. University of Arizona – Master’s of Science in Management Information Systems (MS MIS)
  5. Carnegie Mellon University  -Master of Information Systems Management (MISM)
  6. University of Maryland, College Park – Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS)
  7. Georgia Institute of Technology – MBA in Information Technology Management
  8. Arizona State University – Master of Science in Information Management (MSIM)
  9. Stanford University – MBA in MIS
  10. University of Texas at Dallas – Master of Science in Information Technology and Management

To conclude, we would like to convey that you should go ahead and pursue that MS or MBA in MIS to be a leap ahead of your boss and make your boss rely on you for key decision making in the organization!


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