The Spring semester begins in January and ends early May. But, deadlines for spring admissions begin as early as March and extend up to October for certain universities. ‘Spring vs Fall’ as seasons for admissions has always been the subject of an ongoing confusion in the minds of every student that considers studying abroad.

Popular Myths on going for spring admissions

  1. Smaller intake size and hence fewer courses will be offered.
  2. Spring admits are difficult to get
  3. Fewer Job & Internship Opportunities
  4. Fewer funding options and scholarship opportunities
  5. Not all schools offer a Spring intake

While the aforementioned factors are true, there are still a lot of opportunities that a spring admit can offer to a student aspiring to study abroad.

Benefits of Spring Admits

Smooth Transition – Instead of competing with hundreds or thousands of new students, spring admits offer a pretty easy transition. For some students, this benefit eases up the pressure of enrolling in a university.

Increased Staff Support – Since most students have settled into the routine, there is additional staff that can assist a Spring-Admit holder. Students with distinct needs will benefit most from the extra help.

Mentorship/Orientation Programs – Some colleges already have these types of programs in place that allow Spring-admits to take part in the college experience by attending campus activities and even living on campus. The goal is to make students feel right at home no matter when they are enrolled in the university.

On-Time Graduation – One of the drawbacks to starting college late is that the student doesn’t graduate on time. However, through a comprehensive mentorship program, consider ways to make an on-time graduation possible. Also think about how your university can offer more general education courses in the spring.  

How to start preparing for a spring 2019 admit?

The key to winning a spring 2019 admit is to start your GRE prep as soon as possible. We’ve created a timeline, posted below, that you can follow in order to bag an admit successfully,

  1. Take your GRE by mid-April 2018
  2. Give your IELTS/ TOEFL by the end of April 2018 or the beginning of May 2018
  3. Collate your transcripts, documents and build your resume
  4. Start your University Shortlisting process
  5. Apply to Universities in June & July, no later than August
  6. Communicate your admit acceptance
  7. Apply for a loan, if needed
  8. Start your i 20 Process
  9. Get your VISA
  10. Fly to your dream university!

For more detailed information on applying for a Spring admit , watch the video recording of our latest webinar below on a 45 Day study Plan for a Spring 2019 Admit Preparation.



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