Student Speak: How Alok Pandey increased his GRE score by 26 points!

Does a 26-point increase in your GRE score sound too good to be true? For Alok Pandey, it was exactly what he’d hoped for and what he achieved.

Alok Pandey was looking for a GRE prep course when he came across Galvanize’s free diagnostic test online. This test, he says was a real eye-opener. He managed to score a decent 284/340 on the diagnostic test.

Cut to a short while later, he enrolled with Galvanize Test Prep in the hopes of bettering his GRE performance. He practiced diligently and made the most of the resources given to him. Ultimately, just a few months later, he took the GRE exam and scored a 310!

That’s a whopping 26-point increase!



Alok credited his performance to a number of factors. These include:

  • A personalized study plan:The schedule for each individual is very specific to their strengths and weaknesses.” 
  • Constant support provided by his course managers:  “You can ask the instructors your doubts any time you want. Personally, I never looked at the time before posting my doubts to the instructors” 
  • The varied tests available on the platform:  “These two types help you measure both, your understanding of the concept and how fast you can attempt it. And then comes the big gun – MOCK TESTS.”


..and more!

Of course, instead of telling you more about it, you could just read exactly why Alok credits Galvanize test prep, in his own words

If you’re looking to increase your GRE score dramatically, we hope you’re feeling a little more confident now! If you think you might need some help with that, feel free to reach out to us!

What are some of the difficulties you’re facing in your GRE prep?

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